Stephen Spano.... musical life


    In the mid 60’s there was nothing cooler for a young boy than to learn to play guitar. By the time I was a junior at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in 1968 I was playing in my first band Muscle Penguin (named by my demented twin brother on drums).  A year later I was asked to write 17 minutes of original music for our senior graduation ceremony.

     On to college at Montgomery College (Tacoma Park, MD) where I met the brother of the owner of Adelphi records who heard me playing my songs on a school excursion.  At 19 I was signed to a one album record deal which was released in 1974. “Eye to Eye” sold 700 copies and went quickly went aluminum foil.

    Several bands followed in the 70’s most notably Pegasus (’76-’79). Next, when it was time to move on I was asked to move to Aspen CO. to live and write music with another songwriter and a music producer. That worked for the summer of ’80 but after 8 months and 4 new songs it was time to get moving again, so it was on to San Francisco with nothing to loose and much to discover.

        For the next 30 years there was around a 1,000 gigs of all kinds... bands, acoustic groups, solo... always writing and recording new material then shopping my tunes to Bay Area royalty... (Santana, Jesse Colin Young, Grace Slick among others). 

     In 2010 I moved home to D.C. to take care of my 91 year old mama (who is still kicking at 93). It’s been just like starting over... after playing local open mics and songwriter showcases I’ve been booked to play the Epicure Cafe (Oct 18) and Gypsy Sally’s (Sept 25)... in the words of Sir Paul...”it’s getting better all the time”....